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Hi Everyone,

It has been a very busy few months. I have had two Manias...Atlanta and Dallas that were 4 weeks apart. This year was so much fun because I got to see familiar faces and catch up with people that I have not seen since last year. It was kind-of like a family reunion, only without the crazy family!

I’ve got several things “cooking” right now that I want to tell you about. First of all, I am starting a new Horizontal Conditioning website. I have decided to start a Hard Core Horizontal Club. You will be able to join the club and get a full Horizontal class on line every month. Each class will give you new ideas and challenges.

The classes will use different props just like the Horizontal Conditioning DVD’s. This club will be great for anyone who is an instructor or personal trainer as well as for any fitness fanatic who just wants a new, kick-butt workout each month. The site is taking longer than I had hoped to get up and running, but it should be ready soon. I have already recorded the first workout and you are going to LOVE it!

The second big project I am working on is completing a nutrition book that I started about a year ago. I have taken it off the back burner and made it a priority. I am hoping to have it ready by Christmas...the perfect present! The book is my philosophy on nutrition...the Fuel + Fitness lifestyle. It will teach people how to fuel their bodies, feel great and get lean. It is a practical, real food, real life approach to eating. Not your typical diet book.

Because I had so much news to share with you today, I only have room for a quick nutrition tip...but it’s a good one! Last newsletter I talked about the importance of eating breakfast. Today, I want to let you know that eating lunch is ALMOST as important. I see so many people that neglect lunch, or eat a minimal lunch. They always end up making up for it later in the day, which is not a good time for extra calories. Lunch should be a substantial meal. It should have at LEAST 400 calories that consist of carbs, protein and good fat. A salad with iceberg lettuce, chicken, cheese and dressing does not get it (minimal carb/no good fat). A 200 calorie bar or pack of crackers does not get it either. Because you are still in the active part of your day, you’ve got to have fuel...balanced fuel. People usually eat a light lunch and a heavy dinner. That should be reversed. Think of the difference in your activity level after lunch and after dinner. Check out the nutrition tip section of this newsletter for some balanced and delicious lunch options.

Well, that is it for now. Be on the lookout for more information about the Horizontal site. I am really excited about it! Enjoy the beautiful Fall weather. Until next time, eat clean, get Horizontal, and stay positive! :)