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Hi Everyone,

I hope you have been having a wonderful Spring. April has been such a fun month for me. I was in California for MANIA, and I was able to go to the beach for a long weekend. At MANIA, I got to meet so many HARD CORE people who were ready for some Horizontal Conditioning! It is so fun teaching people who are as passionate about fitness and nutrition as I am!

With summer approaching quickly, I want you to start thinking about how to stay lean through these next few months. One way is to try to limit liquid calories, especially alcohol. Alcohol is a double edged sword. It contains lots of calories, which are not filling, and it also decreases fat metabolism.

So basically, you store more fat and burn less...not a good thing. Then to add to those extra calories, alcohol usually leads to more eating. Rarely are those extra calories from fruits and veggies...more like chips and dip...or chips and queso in my case.

As you can imagine, it is very hard to drink regularly and get or stay lean. I have found this to be true especially as we get older. Donít get me wrong, I am not saying stay home and donít drink. I am saying watch it and minimize it...if you want to lose weight and stay lean. I love to go out with friends and have a drink or two, but I try not to do it very often (1-2 times per week). When it is more often, I feel it, especially around my middle.

I know it is hard, but you have to decide what you want. Do you want to be lean or do you want to drink? You can not have both. As always, it comes down to choices and priorities. You have to decide what you REALLY want. Check out the nutrition tips section of this newsletter for ideas on how to limit calories when out or on vacation. Remember, occasionally doing something is not what gets you in trouble. What matters is when you do things consistently.

Think about your liquid calories and see what modifications you can make.  Don't let the summer months sabotage your fitness goals.  Don't forget to check out my new DVDs available on line. See the fitness tip section for information on the NEW Horizontal Conditioning DVDs. Until next clean, get Horizontal and stay positive. :)