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Hi Everybody!

After such a long Winter, Spring is going to feel great. I just got back from Philadelphia MANIA. Although it was freezing outside, the rooms were filled with warm and energetic people. I had such a blast :)

One thing that I continue to notice with my clients, and people that I meet, is how much stress is affecting their health and well-being. Chronic stress takes away from the quality of our lives. When we are under stress we don't eat right, we don't sleep well and it gets in the way of our exercise routine.

Stress has such a negative impact on our bodies. It raises cortisol levels...which raises blood sugar...which increases insulin levels...which increases abdominal fat storage...which causes insulin resistance...which leads to diabetes... and that is only part of the picture!

Stress can also increase blood pressure and decrease immune function. It is so toxic to our bodies! So...what can we do? As always, remember that you have choices. Try to see what the cause of your
stress is and change what you can. Can you get rid of the stressor? If not, can you change your attitude about it? Are you trying to fix or control other people? If so, let go, because you can't change anyone...people have to want to change. Are you over committing yourself? Start saying “NO” and take time for yourself. Do you worry all the time? Why? Worrying never helped any just makes it bigger. Do you obsess about things... make mountains out of mole hills? STOP! Let things go.

Living with less stress and being peaceful is a choice. It takes time, patience and practice, but it is so worth it! I have put a lot of effort into destressing my life over the past 5 years. Stressors are still in my life, but because I have changed my attitude, they do not affect me like they used to. I feel so much more balanced and peaceful. You can do many things to begin the transformation... counseling, meditation, yoga, books, daily readings, spirituality. Think about it and start making some changes. A little effort everyday takes you a long way. Life really IS good and the sooner we realize that...the healthier and happier our lives will be!

Have a happy and healthy Spring,