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I don’t know about you guys, but I have found the summer to be pretty hard to stick with my typical Fuel plus Fitness way of eating. There seems to have been so many get togethers and outings...and a lot more drinking than usual. As you know, you might as well smear those calories around your middle...UGH! Anyway, I am ready to get into fall and have a little more structure in my life. I seem to do so much better with routine and structure...boring but true!

There is always something to prepare for, and now it is football season and tailgating! As long as you prepare, fall should not sabotage your healthy eating or your hard-core exercise routine. The key is to plan ahead. Here are some tips and things to think about as you go into your football party weekend.

Just try to make good choices, be prepared and do your best! Remember, EVERYTHING MATTERS!

Be on the lookout for new long sleeve t-shirts for the fall. They are so cute and comfy. Also, some really great looking guys t-shirts. Check out the product/clothing section of my website. Well, that is it for now. Enjoy your last few weeks of summer and get ready for a beautiful fall!